IPG · Impedance-Plethysmography
for pulse wave analysis in legs, arms and head to diagnose arteriosclerotic changes, stenoses or occlusions

PPG · Photo-Plethysmography

for pulse wave analysis in fingers and toes to diagnose peripheral circulatory disturbances with regard to functional (Raynaud) or organic origin

AOP · Arterial-Occlusion-Plethysmography
for measuring arterial inflow in the legs after complete arterial occlusion (reactive hyperemia) to diagnose the severity of a peripheral arterial occlusive disease

VOP · Venous-Occlusion-Plethysmography
for the measurement of venous capacity and venous outflow to diagnose deep vein thromboses (DVP) or other outflow disturbances and to evaluate their haemodynamic severity

LRR · Light-Reflection-Rheography

for evaluation of venous pump volume and refilling time to diagnose function of venous valves and effectiveness of the venous muscle pump